5 Tips for Throwing a Great Gatsby – 1920’s Party


As many of you know or if you have been following, I had a Great Gatsby birthday party in January.  It was so much fun! So here I will highlight and help you have one of your own…


Gold, black and pearls should be everywhere!

First you have to decide if you will be having your party at your house or at a hall.  This will dictate how much you spend on decorations.  If you choose your home you can go overboard with decorations starting days in advance.  I chose a hall where I only had 30 minutes before the party to decorate! Therefore, I kept it simple.  This is why it was very important for me to focus on a few details.  Everything was black, white and gold. I focused on the tables and hung a few decorations from the ceiling and the walls. Be sure to have a cool background for pictures.











In the 1920’s there was no e-mail, e-vites or Facebook invites, there was snail mail.  Mail your invitations! It will begin to set the mood for your party.  I had my invitations made through VistaPrint.com and they came out great! Plus, it was a great way to add formality to my event which is what I wanted. Also, who doesn’t love looking at the mail and finding something else besides junk mail and bills.

While we are on the topic of mailing things, don’t forget to send “thank you” notes after your party especially if you asked people to dress up.  I bought a stack of thank you notes and hand-wrote all of them…your hand will hurt!

GatsbyParty 017


You have to make a decision on whether or not you want your guests to wear 1920’s attire.  I knew from the beginning that I did (this would add to my decor and it can to yours too!).  I noted it on the invitation and when people asked I made sure to tell them they could go as simple as they wanted. Then I provided some inspiration on my blog and social media. Either way, I recommend that the host always dresses up. It will truly make a statement and encourage others to participate.

Amazon made it so easy for most people to go all out for my party.  I was amazed at the way people showed up everyone looked so 1920’s! Big shout out to Vijiv where most of my guests found incredible dresses for less than $50!

GatsbyParty 036

If you are looking for more ideas or inspiration ready my previous post on What to Wear to a Great Gatsby Party or Pinterest.

Drinks & Food

If your party will be at your house you can create a menu to fit the 1920’s theme. However, if it will be at a hall or you are using a caterer, then this may be a bit hard.  I went with catering.  I catered my food from El Solazo and it was delicious plus stress-free.

As far as drinks, I created a drink station where I made a Whiskey Sour Punch placed in a vintage punch bowl. It was a hit and delicious   I also provided tequila, whiskey, vodka, beer and wine. Again this is a place where you can get as creative as you want.


Be sure to play some jazzy tunes and 1920’s music.  If your party will be low-key and more of a cocktail party, you can play this the whole time. My party turned out to be a dance party! While I would have been OK dancing to 1920’s tunes, I had to consider my guests, so I had a DJ (DJ Mojo) play songs from The Great Gatsby movie soundtrack and then switch to a variety of music.  There were people on the dance floor all night long!

Overall this is such a fun theme.  Be sure to start planning early and getting all your things together.  Goodwill, vintage stores and Amazon where the best places to purchase everything and Pinterest was the best place for inspiration. I hope this helps you plan the perfect 1920’s party.  I cannot imagine a better theme to help me say good-bye to my 20’s!

GatsbyParty 103





Pretty Vida

Hello there! I’m Graciela but you can call me Grace.  I understand that Graciela can be a bit hard to pronounce for many.  No big deal, I’m used to it.


First Blog

So here I am finally writing my first personal blog (have written some for work)! This is something I wanted to do for about 5 years. For one reason or another I never did it.  Putting myself out there for everyone to see and sharing my opinions, while appealing, it’s also very intimidating and it made me scared. However, this past year I have been facing many fears and it has been liberating! So, this year was not going to slip away without me starting this blog.

What it Means

The name of the blog Pretty Vida was not easy to come up with.  Diana (co-blogger) and I went through so many names until we finally landed on this one. Pretty Vida signifies our desire to live beautiful lives. Diana and I have been friends for many years and have always had likes for pretty things.  Whether it is in fashion, travel, food, or life in general we tend to gravitate towards those “pretty things”.

The Purpose

The purpose of the blog will be to share many of our projects, aspirations, ideas, thoughts, and lifestyle. I guess a bit into my career/life transitions too. There will be DIY projects, recipes, party planning, travel and interesting finds in Northwest Indiana, Chicagoland area, and hopefully other parts of the world.

I would personally like to welcome you to my Pretty Vida!