Six Spring Trends for 2017

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Spring is in the air! If you are like me you get excited when you get to reorganize your closet.  I do this at least twice a year, when I switch over my fall/winter clothes for my spring/summer clothes. The best part is being able to update your current wardrobe because every year there’s “must-haves” for each season. This year I decided to share my finds for spring 2017 by creating my top 6 trends. Below you will find style boards and links where you can purchase the items all of which are under $50! So let’s get started!

1. Pom Poms & Tassels

Have you been to a store lately? These things are everywhere! You cannot miss them because they are just on everything. They’re incorporated to purses, shirts, sandals, hats, earrings, you name it. Here are some cute and under $50 items to incorporate this trend into your closet.

Spring Trend: Pom Poms & Tassels

Chill Floppy Hat, Betsey Johnson, $28

Festive Floppy Hat, Betsey Johnson, $40

Women’s Kayla Gladiator Sandals Mossimo Supply Co., Target, $30

Pom Tassel Sandal – Wide Width, Ashley Stewart, $35

Star Print Pom Pom Straw Shoulder Bag Blue, Zaful, $32

Straw Pom Pom Clutch, T & J Designs, $38

Pom Pom Beaded Bracelet Set, Forever 21, $5.90
Kenneth Jay Lane Silk Tassel Earrings, Saks Fifth Avenue, $50

2. Off The Shoulder

If you have been to any trendy place, vacation, or follow a fashion blogger, you know that off-the-shoulder blouses are being worn by stylish women. This look is a bit 90’s inspired which isn’t surprising since it appears the 90’s are making their glorious comeback. The cool thing about this look is that it flatters everyone because of the variety of styles it comes in: dresses, jumpsuits, fitted shirts,  loose shirts, and cold shoulder tops and dresses. Want to look stylish and on-trend? Go get something off-the-shoulder! Here are some cute and under $50 items to incorporate this trend:

Spring Trend: Off The Shoulder

Off-The-Shoulder Floral Dress, Forever 21, $20

Tasseled Off-the-Shoulder Dress, Forever 21, $23

Open-Shoulder Crepe Top, Forever 21, $28

Soprano Stripe Cotton & Linen Off The Shoulder Top, Nordstrom, $35

Crochet Off-the-Shoulder Top, Forever 21, $10

Striped Off-the-Shoulder Top, Forever 21, $18

Off-the-Shoulder Blouse, H&M, $9.99

3. Mules

Again we can thank the 90’s for the mules or slides. Flat, heeled, sneakers, low, block-heel, they will be here in all shapes, designs, and sizes! I’m actually excited any time a comfortable shoe makes it big on the trend radar. Plus, mules are versatile and can be worn with everything and almost in any weather depending on the style. Treat yourself! you can never have too many shoes! Here are some cute and under $50 mules to incorporate this trend:

Spring Trend: Mules

Wet Seal Brown Mule, Zulily, $15

Kurfew Block Heel Mule, Payless, $30

dv Kenli Perforated Mule Booties, Target, $35

TOMS ‘Majorca’ Peforated Mule, Nordstrom Rack, $37

Yoins Bow Embellished Double Color Chunky Heels Mules, YOINS, $40

Anna Peper Bit Mule, Nordstrom Rack, $20

Yoins Black Pointed Toe Bow Embellished Mules, YOINS, $32

Cell Slip On Mules, TJ Maxx, $20

4. Florals

Have you ever looked into my closet? Well for me florals are a staple not a trend. So it makes me so happy to know I can shop and find all kinds of pretty floral things. Again I think we can attribute this to the 90’s, I remember my love for florals growing strong then.  Shopping for cute dresses, shorts and tops that had floral print on them, just think… Limited Too! It just makes me feel girly & romantic and at times even edgy; it all depends on the type of floral. So I’m a happy girl knowing that anything you can put florals on has it! Trust me even if you are not into prints owning a floral piece will add romanticism to your closet. Here are some cute and under $50 floral pieces to incorporate this trend into your closet.

Spring Trend: Florals

Mossimo Chiffon Maxi Dress Cream Floral, Target, $25

Floral Off Shoulder Shift Dress, ZAFUL, $21

Floral Knot Hem Top, ZAFUL, $18

Dalyn Floral Off Shoulder Top, The Wildflower Shop, $26

Floral Printed Tassels Casual Kimono, LUCLUC, $32

WEST KEI Floral Bomber Jacket, Nordstrom Rack, $30

Florals Flare Skirt, With Chic, $33

BCBGeneration Floral Canvas Baseball Cap, Lord & Taylor, $28

Floral Jumpsuit, Target, $28

5. Bell Sleeves

Here we go from the 90’s to the 70’s and the free-spirited way of wearing bell sleeves. Be ready because not just bell sleeves are making a comeback, so are bell bottomed pants. So exciting! We get to wear something else besides skinny.  Either way bell sleeves are here and perfect for spring. Here are some cute and under $50 bell sleeve pieces to incorporate this trend into your closet.

Spring Trend: Bell Sleeves

Ebroidered Bell Sleeve Dress, Forever 21, $48

Velzera Crochet Trim Dress, Forever 21, $48

Bell Sleeve Tee, Nordstrom, $49

Blue Stripe Leisure Top with Bell Sleeves, Chic Wish, $38

Stripes Charisma Top with Bell Sleeves, Chic Wish, $45

Bell-Sleeve Off-the-Shoulder Top, Forever 21, $38

6. Overalls

Overalls. Enough said. They have been around in one shape or form throughout every decade, but again very strong in the 90’s.  I remember owning different types of overalls, shorts, pants, white, floral, skirt and yes I loved every minute of it.  They were so comfortable! However, I will not lie, they make me a bit nervous now.  The last time I wore them I was a teeny skinny teenager. Though I am very tempted to buy some I’m scared, help! Therefore, this style board is here to inspire me as much as you. Here are some cute and under $50 overall pieces to incorporate this trend into your closet.

Spring Trend: Overalls

Denim Overall Dress, Forever21, $28

Fire Cuffed Short Overall, Nordstrom, $26

Distressed Denim Overalls, Forever21, $35

Refuge Dollhouse Destroyed Denim Overalls, Charlotte Russe, $44

Flared Denim Overalls, Forever 21, $18

I really hope my style boards have inspired you to update your closet with these trends.  They are all under $50 and some have already gone on sale! Also I’m sure by now you noticed you can mix and match these trends because they all go amazing together.




Apple, Banana, Oats & Peanut Butter Dog Treats

If you enjoy baking, it’s time to treat your pup!


My dog loves sweets! If I put a steak and something sweet in front of him he will quickly go for sweet.  Seriously, I can be eating meat and he will ignore me and continue sleeping (most of the time).  But don’t let me eat a cookie or chocolate, he will rush right to where I am and look at me with puppy eyes.


This is where my inspiration for these amazing homemade dog treats came from.  Along with the fact that I purchased the cutest dog treat jar from AVON and wanted something homemade to put in it.  Isn’t it cute?


There aren’t many sweet options for dogs at the store so I decided I would create my own out of things I had and things he loves. I researched and made sure all my ingredients are dog friendly.  Toro (that’s his name) loves apples and peanut butter so I knew these would go into the recipe. I used the oats as my flour substitute and the banana as my egg substitute.  Plus this is great if you have very ripe bananas, don’t throw them out use them for treats and they will add the sweetness factor.


I didn’t want to go to the store so I used things in my house. I had steel cut oats instead of regular oats so I gave them a try.  I took about 1-2 cups depending on how hard you want your treats to be.  I put them in my small coffee grinder and turned them into a powder.  You can use a regular blender for this. I literally had one sad looking banana left but the mushier the better! Then, I decided on the apples and the peanut butter which I always have in my home and Toro loves.


I wasn’t sure if these ingredients would work or even stick together but they did! I mixed everything in a bowl with a rubber whisk and then placed it on a cookie sheet, threw it in the oven and cut it into squares. Eventually, I will buy the cute bone-shaped cookie cutter.


These little squares were perfect for my new dog treat jar.  Especially, since the jar is air tight and I left my treats a bit more on the moist side.  Don’t forget to taste them! They are quite delicious and I may have to tweak this recipe to make breakfast squares for me!



  • Servings: 10-12
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

What you need:

  • Medium bowl
  • Rubber whisk
  • Rubber spatula
  • Baking sheet
  • Baking parchment or foil
  • Storage container or dog treat jar


  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1 apple
  • 1 cup of peanut butter
  • ½ – 1 cup of cut steel or 4-8oz regular oats


  1. Preheat oven to 350°
  2. Turn your oats into a powder by using a blender or any other device you have to do so. I would start with ½ cup and then do a second if needed.
  3. Chop or puree the apple. I did half chopped and half pureed for the texture.
  4. In a bowl, mash your apple. Add the chopped/pureed apple, peanut butter and start with 1 cup of the powdered oats.  Mix all ingredients together.  If you feel that your mixture is too runny, add more powdered oats until you get the consistency you desire.
  5. Because I chose to do squares I left my mixture a bit moist. I dumped all my mixture into a small baking sheet lined with foil and shaped into a rectangle form.
  6. Place your cookie sheet in the oven and bake for about 15 minutes. If you require a harder treat leave longer.
  7. Remove for oven and cut into squares, mine were about 1inx1in.
  8. Allow them to cool and taste! Then, place into your cute little dog treat jar.

These will be fine for 3-5 days in the jar on your counter.  If you want them to last a week or more, refrigerate.