Super Bowl Sunday Funday

Super Bowl weekend is here!  Let me start with a confession… football is NOT my favorite sport, I prefer futbol. However, I do enjoy watching a game here and there, rooting for a team and Super Bowl Sunday. But I’m usually more excited for the halftime show and commercials. Oh and for snacks! This year I’m making chili.

This year’s halftime show


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When the rumors were out that this year’s halftime show was going to be Adele, I was disappointed.  I love Adele but I couldn’t picture a halftime show full of love songs, mainly break ups… um, depressing. Then, it was finally announced that Lady Gaga would be at the Super Bowl LI and I was so excited! She is full of energy, creative, artsy, talented, I could go on. Last year, she did amazing singing the National Anthem so I can just picture what she will do during a half time show. Well deserved Gaga!

This year’s teams


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The Patriots and the Falcons will be playing each other, I’m not a fan of either. Instead, I will be rooting for Lady Gaga.  OK maybe a little for the Patriots because who doesn’t have a crush on Jimmy Garoppolo (pictured above)? Rumor has it he may be coming to the Chicago Bears!  Anyway, while everyone will be wearing  their football gear, I will be wearing my Gaga gear.  This year I will be full-on Team Gaga cheering for her during the halftime show.

So for all those people who will be Team Gaga over anything this weekend, here is some outfit inspiration…

What will you be wearing for Super Bowl Sunday?

Super Bowl Outfit Idea




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