What to Wear to a Great Gatsby Party

At some point we will all be invited to or plan a 1920’s theme party.  Either you’re really excited for the theme or you dread it because you don’t know what to wear. Here is some inspiration for both guys and dolls.

Dolls First

The most popular look of the decade is “the flapper” look.  To pull it off a sheath type dress is perfect paired with sparkles, pearls and the perfect headpiece.

Great Gatsby Party


Dress & Shoes

Choose sheath style dresses. Fabrics like silk, lace, chiffon along with sequence and beading. T-straps or Mary Janes were the usual shoes of the decade, but anything fun, sparkling, and festive will work as well.


This is where you get to have fun! Plenty of pearls and diamonds (or rhinestones) for necklaces and bracelets. Choose long necklaces or nice chunky necklaces and match your earrings.  Wear a fun and big headpiece or rhinestone comb or pin. Don’t forget the gloves or fun cocktail rings!

Hair & Make Up

Have fun and be bold! Go for a smoky dramatic eye and a red shade of lipstick. For the hair, of course a bob would be ideal. But if you cannot commit to chopping your hair for a night, then try pin curls or a loose up-do.

Now the Guys

Guys kept it classy but also went a bit more casual in comparison to previous eras.  Just think of Jay Gatsby.  His style was superb! Here is some inspiration.

Men's Roaring 20's Outfit Ideas



A suit works wonders, but you can mix it up.  You can go for a full tux, three piece suit, a vest and dress pants, dress pants and suspenders, get creative.  Also this of tans, black and white as safe and classic colors. Oxford shoes were big and great investment for your closet!


Men’s hats were trendy during this time with newsboys’ caps, fedoras, bowlers and top hats.  Big ties, bow ties and handkerchiefs add a great touch.





New Year, New Decade

Happy New Year!

January is always a special month for me, not only is it the beginning of a New Year, hence the start of promising New Year’s resolutions, but it is also my birthday month.  Most people believe that a birthday in January is boring and dark due to winter. I disagree! Winter lends itself for either a cozy celebration or a very glamorous one (it’s always more difficult to be glam in the hot & humid summer). Plus, this year I am not making any excuses, I will be turning 30 so it is a big year and the start of a new decade.  To celebrate and kick of the decade, I will be having a big glamorous birthday bash!

You Are Invited…

I am throwing myself a party for the big 3-0. Drumroll please….

My party will be a 1920’s birthday inspired by one of my favorite books turned into movies “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald.  I remember reading this book in my humanities class in high school and immediately falling in love.  Fast forward a few years and a new version of the movie comes out featuring my favorite actor Leonardo DiCaprio and an amazing song by Lana Del Rey! I mean this theme has my name written all over it and I’m going to own it and invite you to see how it all turns out.



Party Like Gatsby

I don’t live in a mansion or have tons of money to throw a party like Gatsby but I will try my hardest to recreate a modern take of the 20’s. I went through Pinterest boards and Google searches to find my inspiration and begin my plans. The hall is booked. Catering is pending. The decorations are set and invitations have been mailed. Take a look at what and who has inspired me on Pinterest. I look forward to sharing some more of the details with you and the final results!